Monday, August 29, 2005


Joining the blog club today

Why this Name "Understand the Connections" ?

Its my opinion that one never realises how god makes and gives the connections. Often I wonder how or why something happened, so this blog is about what I feel and why it is.

Why actually blog ?

I have been reading blogs of others and decided today that I should also start one. When I have so much to offer to others thought it would be wise to join the blog club and spread the knowledge.

So here I am, will keep posting from anything and everything on earth, however I would avoid illegal/indecent stuffs for sure. However, dont be surprised if you find information more about software & internet.

Join me in my journey to "Understand the Connections"

Good, it is the unknown relativity that brought me here! Hello Delhi Idol. just add my site to your blog links so many other Idle persons too can visit my homepage to learn more on anything and everything...of course, all the decent!

Best wishes,
TRS Iyengar
Cool ! Now that I've started scrolling through your pages, would keep updating myself with all that you provide on technical stuffs and travels.This is a Great Go ! Cheers !
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