Thursday, November 18, 2010



We have this monthly newsletter/magazine in our office and its really interesting and entertaining to read. Recently it completed 1 year of inception and wrote some words of appreciation to the editorial team. Check below

From baby steps to turning one year
its all exciting and enriching to read I swear,
a budding editorial team which is above par,
'Melange' is truely EIL`s golden media star.

Good beginning with the 'From the chair'
on real thoughts from hedwig which are fair,
the team talks through the "Editorial Scribbles'
show their pen`s might with easy dribbles.

The R&D teams actions caught with the 'Node waves'
no more updates are hidden under teams cubicle caves,
Catch the catchy photos in the 'ERI Gallery'
wonder the skillsket of employees camera mastery.

'A La Carte', 'Pod Cast' and 'Yours Truly'
exposes employees other side very purely,
'The Lifestlye', 'Ask Melange' and with 'Money Minter',
more entertaining than what comes from real media`s printer.

oh Melange - What a year it has been,
and for the hard work thats gone 'Behind the scene',
great job editorial team and keep on your pursue,
we will eagerly look forward for the next issue.

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