Saturday, September 16, 2006


Moved from Delhi to Chennai

I have moved from Delhi to Chennai as an event of my job shift. Just landed in this city a week before and absorbing myself to the new environment. Its interesting to note the vast differences between these two cities, will cover them later.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Brazil and USA - Googles approach

Google had agreed to give data about some orkut users to the Brazilian government. BTW, orkut is very very popular in Brazil. I thought it was great stand when Google refused to submit any details asked by the US Justice Department in January and everybody appreciated that move.

US Department of Justice wanted that data from Google
"to make its defense of the Child Online Protection Act, a federal law designed to keep children from sexually explicit content on the Internet".

And Brazilian government want the details to identify users
"that encourage racism, pedophilia and homophobia".

I think its not correct to reveal any details and believe they should have refused to Brazilian government aswell. My confidence grew with Google when they took a firm stand on not divulging any details to US government request in January and assumed all my data would be safe with them, but now I really dont think so, as I am not sure whether my orkut account or the communities I belong to are now with Brazilian government (ok, may or maynot be).

Also I dont see any difference in the requests between US and Brazilian government as in both cases they wanted to identify users who do malicious or trying to do something which might not be really legal. I really want to know whether Google would have given those details if orkut had been very popular in USA, I am sure then they wouldnt have.

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