Sunday, August 12, 2007


The Dutch

Well I was in Netherlands for an official work and had just come back 3 days before. Everything and anything in Netherlands is almost Dutch, many times I tried to login to my blogger account to post something I could not actually get what the in dutch actually refers to. Thought would wait to go back to India to write, and here I am.

The trip was supposed to be 3 weeks, but had to be extended to 4 weeks due to work requirements, I could not complain about that as I had an good apartments all for ourselves and also had my lovely wife with me, it was so fun in netherlands, no wonder why you other colleagues of jealous of being lucky.

One thing worth mentioning about the Dutch is their food habits, they eat mostly bread and soup and finish their dinner very early in the evening like 5-6pm, this is common among all dutch people, they start to work early at 7am in the morning and go home at 4pm, good system indeed.

Netherlands is a good place but you tend to get bored after your 2nd week, sure it has many places to visit like in any new foreign country but still you get bored, or should I say that I got bored.....

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