Friday, June 01, 2012


Why Me! Why Me

WoW its been more than 5 years since I penned this poem and had this in my view when browsing some old mails. Its cool and I really like this one ;)

Let me know what you think of this poem..

One day I was sitting with all my friends
and just looked around,
I see all of them being happy and holding
their partners hand with great bound.

I look up and ask god,
Why me, why me, only so alone,
I dont hear a word back, loneliness
is really very gruesome.

I feel very sad and alone
but cannot stop there. Believe
that one day an angel comes
calling, so I have to carry on.

The waiting is killing,
it makes me go mad,
again I asked the almighty
Why me ? why me ? only so alone.

The new year is nearing, will I have
someone special who loves and shares,
and with all her tender touches makes
me feel that she really cares.

I know my angel would come to me oneday
but was not sure when that would be.
Wanted that to happen soon, so that
I can feel her close inside me.

Just Before the beginning of new year,
I met you my love,
I cannot even ask myself
as I already gave me to you.

I wanted to know and ask the god
Why me ? Why me ? what have I done ?
this time he whispered back
"you two are my favorite one(s),
where this match, I made, specially in heaven"

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