Monday, April 23, 2007


So far in Netherlands

We had come to Netherlands in the best period, in terms of the weather conditions. The climate is really very pleasant and gives us more opportunities to roam around and have a good feel of the city during the weekends when we dont work.

I had covered, so far
1) Herman Renz Circus
2) SiteSeeing Trip to Belgium Brussels
3) Biking in the Netherlands country side
4) Kaukenhof the flower show
5) Watching "Mr.Bean`s Holiday" in the local cinema

The place we are living now is called Breda and we had to travel 8 minutes in the local train to get to our workplace. The most common thing which strikes in Netherlands is Biking (cycling), irrespective of age, young or old, almost many people travel using bi-cycles, this seem to be the most preferred way of travelling. The roads here has separate lanes for the bi-cycles aswell.

Another beautiful thing about Netherland is the flowers, in the place of Kaukenhof we get to see lots and lots of beautiful flowers and very different and striking flowers with all mix and matching of colors. The trip on the way itself surprises you with flower plants which is strikingly beautiful with large colorful fields of different colors on both sides of the roads.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


In Netherlands

I am in Netherlands from April 8th for some official work. Its a beautiful country and well connected to other European countries like England, France, Belgium. More updates and photos to follow.

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