Friday, September 30, 2005


Google Teams with NASA

The latest buzz in Google is that they have teamed up with Nasa. According to the press release, Google and Nasa feel that

“The plans envisage that the two organisations work together in a number of technology based projects such as massively distributed computing of which Google is an acknowledged world leader, bio-info-nano convergence, and what is referred to as the 'encouragement of the entrepreneurial space industry'.”

So according to google based blogs & sites there is lot more to come very soon like
a) google Calendar
b) google online drive (GDrive)

Its really interesting to see what google has planned, the below picture is taken from Niall Kennedy`s blog , where he took this picture during his visit to Googleplex.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Asian’s Share in Software Innovation

I was pondering over the thought about what are the Software Innovation that had been contributed by the Asian Community, say like India or China. Its to be noted that India and China has more Software engineers and you will definitely find them in any major global company either its private or public, in US and Europe, but what is their contribution individually or something which has been very evident.

When I think about this, I could recollect Hotmail, which, an Indian Sameer Bhatia was the co-founder, what else ?? I could not recollect , but look around the softwares you use and the tools that’s part of your computer, you would easily notice that most of them had been brain child of Americans or Europeans. Ok, lets think of some big players, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Intel, IBM, Cisco, EBay, Skype, or any of the open source like FireFox, Mozilla , ofcourse we would definitely find an Indian or Chinese contributing to these software, but have they actually built something which is really innovative or their own idea.

Yes, there are some names like Vinodh Khosla ( founder of Sun Microsystems), Rajeev Madhavan ( Magma Designs ), Ram Shriram (Investor in Google, founded Sherpavo, Junglee) but none of these were from their respective birth countries, all from US.

Considering the fact that all major IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys are doing really good and minting good money but mostly through services and support products. But where is Innovation ?? Something which would really make an Impact in our lives when we use that Innovation or any Disruptive Technology ???

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


7 Technologies that change everything

Om Malik is a very good writer , in his latest article,17863,1107751,00.html
he had come out with list of technologies which he feels that change everything in future. Its really a must read. BTW, I guess his blog is widely read, infact I see that being linked in many blogs which talks about software/internet/VoIP

Monday, September 26, 2005


An anonymous Internet Communication – TOR & New Age “MouseWives”

One of the main concerns in the growing Internet usage is the “SAFETY & SECURITY” on the Internet. Tor is a very useful tool when you want the websites you visit not to track you, ie from where did you reach the website or whereelse you go from here. For example, at the bottom of my blog you will find a count on number of visitors to this blog. Everyweek, I get a weekly status update on how many people visited this site and where did they come from, location, website etc. If you want this information to be not visible to others then TOR is the tool for you. Check the website for more info

The advantages of technology is it makes you aware of whats happening around the globe and keep you hooked to it. A recent study in UK have found that with the net revolution the traditional “housewives” or turning into “mousewives”, that means more and more women are getting into using computers and internet as they have it at home, this is really a very good thing.

“The research, carried out by Demos, and based on a six-month anthropological study of five families combined with nationwide polling, reveals how the mother's domestic role has evolved in relation to the internet.
It shows that half of all women who go online have moved the home PC into the living room so it can play a central role in family life.
Two-thirds of women now research their families' health online, it says, while one third have replaced Watch with Mother with Surf with Mother as they accompany their children online to do homework or play.
Women with a computer in the household also turn out to be 'all-hours' users, with half logging on before breakfast and a fifth getting up in the middle of the night to access the internet. The main reasons cited are that the PC is becoming the social hub for gossip with family and friends as well as a means of bargain hunting, without leaving the living room. “

Check the for more info.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


BitTorrent makes download easy

BitTorrent is getting popular and has been adopted by many publishers to “distribute” to millions of users world wide. So what is that, according to their web site?

“You have something terrific to publish -- a large music or video file, software, a game or anything else that many people would like to have. But the more popular your file becomes, the more you are punished by soaring bandwidth costs. If your file becomes phenomenally successful and a flash crowd of hundreds or thousands try to get it at once, your server simply crashes and no one gets it.

There is a solution to this vicious cycle. BitTorrent, the result of over two years of intensive development, is a simple and free software product that addresses all of these problems.

The key to scaleable and robust distribution is cooperation. With BitTorrent, those who get your file tap into their upload capacity to give the file to others at the same time. Those that provide the most to others get the best treatment in return. ("Give and ye shall receive!")”

Check and the FAQ section, as broadband is spreading wide everywhere including Asia these kind of technology will really help.

You can download and install the software from the site, it has options to set the Maximum Upload limit aswell. Most of the file sharing software works in the BitTorrent way.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Cleanliness next to ....

A recent telephone survey made in US has found that US men and women follow good cleanliness habits,

“Three out of every four men wash their hands after a trip to a public restroom, but the rest seem to be incorrigible, microbiologists reported today. Fewer women fall into that category.
Overall, 82% of more than 6,300 men and women observed leaving restrooms washed their hands in 2005 compared with 78% in 2003, said the American Society of Microbiology and the Soap and Detergent Association.
But women accounted for nearly all of that improvement, the groups said, from 83% to 90%.
Men, however, remained the great unwashed, with a negligible soap-and-water improvement to 75% in 2005 from 74% in 2003. “

Consider the above record with what would have been the case with Asian’s, I really think it would be not that much high as compared to Americans. Most of the Americans get exposed to good habits right from the very young age, as they have good public service system, also it’s to be noted that America is a developed nation and Asia is still under development. Considering the fact that the education rate is getting increased at a good pace these basic qualities will get imbibed with Asians in the coming years for sure.

The link to the actual post

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Opera – Free Internet Browser announced that their web browser can be downloaded for free by users and they wanted to catch the no.2 spot in the browser category (current no.1 Internet Explorer & no.2 FireFox). Microsoft has 86% of the market with Internet Explorer and Opera is realistic in their expectation that they can become no.1 by out placing Microsoft.

So which is better, Opera Vs FireFox. I would vote for Opera, it is really very cool and can be customized to a great extent. FireFox also is customizable but I did not some how like FireFox look & feel, Opera seems to be pretty good in the look and feel than FireFox. So why would anyone want to move away from Internet Explorer, I really don’t know, infact many people complain that IE is slow, being an expert Internet user myself, I don’t see any issues with IE, and it works fine for me. Though I tried FireFox and thinking of using Opera for sometime, I think the native feeling of using IE, basically because of the fact that we have been using IE for long would make it really difficult to change from it to FF or Opera. But Opera is definitely worth trying and it is graphical and has special effects working really good. And they have features for “voice” capabilities, and they are the first web browser to give such facility. Operas tabbed browsing works better than FireFox or Netscape Navigator. BTW, on Solaris Netscape Navigator works very fine for me. On Windows, one of my favourite and the reason I stick to IE is the “links” button that you can have, I have lot of webpages bookmarked in Links and its really easy to browse it in IE, but with other FF or Opera you have to go to your links through “bookmarks” only.

Probably I would look forward for Windows Vista and the new Internet Explorer that comes along with it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Google Rumors

Google has been source of many things in the internet world and they are doing a good job innovating the intelligent way. There are many webpages based on google and one interesting page is I am not sure where they get the details but some of them are really interesting, so according to this website google is coming out with wifi services in US, check the same website for more details. A search about google in the google website gives of about 696,000,000 sites/links and the same with MSN gets you about of 65,046,404, Interesting facts :-)

Monday, September 19, 2005


Video search –

When I thought that all had been done in the search business by Google and no one would ever do better search than them and nothing more to be done in search, I was totally wrong. Check, the ultimate video search engine. It is really good and can even play the results found.

This is very good and bad at the same time. Very good as the site really works throwing very fine results. Why bad ?? If you really don’t see any bad in this, I don’t want to get into more details on how this can be bad, but for the curious mind, let me say this would add more work to your “netnanny”.

I think down the line this search company is definitely going to be acquired by some big players like Yahoo, Google or MSN. Currently this is under beta.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Google Blog Search

Google has introduced a search service for blogs, its really very cool and very useful. I should say I was very thrilled to see my posting when I did a search on my blog heading “Understand the Connections”. I should say the blogs are catching up very fast and these days everybody is interested in having their own blog, where you can blog about anything and everything.

Personally I regularly follow Om Malik`s broadband blog
He writes really good and always gives wealth of information well in advance on the topics he covers.

The other blog which I have bookmarked is Manu Sharma writes good and his site is really attractive and very catchy.

Finally Rashmi Sinha's weblog

For the other information and latest updates Google News is really useful.

I haven’t had any comments on my blog so far and thinking that I should treat the first person who comments on my blog for a dinner, provided they are in/around Delhi/Noida/Gurgoan or send a gift if they stay outside. Hmmm but this is not a promise.
BTW, I should mention I already got a comment but that seems to be an autogenerated spam comment where that person wanted me to check someother website. What I expect is some useful feedback on the writing style, content topics that I cover etc.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Skype acquired by ebay

Finally the news is out and confirmed. Skype acquired by ebay, and it’s really a sad story for me. I thought skype was doing great and would do more good in future, but now ebay having acquired skype, I really doubt whether skype would actually perform as one would have thought. The reason is simple, skype now has to be more customized and focused on helping ebay than doing anything that would revolutionize. I thought that skype would have headed to that direction before. Well what I mean by revolutionize, nothing but giving pc-to-mobile/phone calls free or at very cheap rates. It is very much possible still with googleTalk, Yahoo, MSN still in the race. Now I really doubt whether the next step to free pc-to-pc calls is actually free pc-to-phone calls, seems its not.

But Google is known for its innovation and standing apart from its so-called competitors, let’s see what they do with their GoogleTalk.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


England wins the Ashes

England regained the Ashes after 16 years and 29 days. This would have been the one of the best test series I have ever watched. Particularly the 2,3,4,5 test matches were nothing more than thrillers with outstanding performances from both England and Australian cricketers. England really outplayed Australia in every department and they played well as a Team. Unfortunately for Australia they did not click as a Team, but was able to give a good fight due to the performances of Sharne Warne, McGrath, Brett Lee mainly. The best thing about Australia is that they have maintained very high level performances for quite some time now and showed really extraordinary level of consistency in winning the matches either its one-day or test. Australia were in a different league of cricket for sometime and England is catching up with them fast and probably had out-placed them with this Ashes victory.

On the other hand , India has been losing and losing in the finals, as always. Its right time that Ganguly gets replaced or even dropped for some matches if he continues performs badly. It looks like Indian team players have taken their positions in the team as granted. We should also follow the rotation policy so that everybody gets a chance and gains experiences.

John Buchanan the Australian cricket coach has said after the loss,

"We've probably over-analysed our game on this tour. Cricket is a one-ball game, but sometimes players think too much about what's gone before and what the consequences of their actions will be."
Its really funny that when a team loses, they are accused of not having analysed the game and not making good strategies on how to attack the opponent, etc etc. If you still lose inspite of being very well prepared, you have no other option other than to go back to the basics of cricket , take one-ball at a time.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Delhi Vs Bangalore Vs Chennai

I went to Bangalore four days back to attend IBM Rational Developers conference 2005 and had the opportunity to visit Chennai on my way back to Delhi. Having friends in all 3 places and each of them praising their own metro being better than the other, I thought would evaluate them on my own experiences. Though this has got no official rating or proof, the judgements were all based on my expectations/experiences and observation.

Delhi Positives
Wide Roads and Free traffic (Most of the times)
No Pollution
Many historic monuments
Well connected to all directions of India (through rail,road,plane)
Easily available NorthIndian food varities.
Cheap petrol (6rs difference with other metros)
Friendly but not-so-warm citizens
More places to hangout and chillax
Good schools and colleges
Infrastructure (high 7/10)
Hospitals availability (9.5/10)

Delhi Negatives
City closes shops at 8.30pm max.
Poor Public transportpoor Safety & Security (women, children, wealth, terrorist threats)Horrible Summer
Cost of living (high 9/10)
Distance and travel time between places
Too many cars
Shops/Restaurants/Hotel opens after 10am
12% School and college kids are overexposed to everything.

Bangalore Positives
City does not sleep early, shops closes 9.30pm
Wonderful Weather
Good public transport system
Well connected to all directions of India (through rail, road, plane)
Easily available NorthIndian & SouthIndian food varities
Good Job opportunities and many MNCs
Friendly and warm citizens
More places to hangout and chillax
Good Safety & Security (women, children, wealth & good policemen)
Good schools and colleges
Infrastructure (high 6/10)
Hospitals availability (7/10)

Bangalore Negatives
Getting Crowded everyday
Narrow roads
Cost of living (high 7.5/10)
6% School and college kids are overexposed to everything.

Chennai Positives
City does not sleep early, shops closes 9.30pm
Good public transport system
Well connected to all directions of India (through rail, road, plane)
Easily available SouthIndian food varities
Good Job opportunities and many MNC`s
Friendly and warm citizens
Beach & more places to hangout and chillax
Good Safety & Security (women, children, wealth & good policemen)
Cost of living (high 6/10)
Good schools and colleges
Infrastructure (high 6/10)
Hospitals availability (8/10)

Chennai Negatives
Horrible weather for almost 9 months (hot & hotter)
Water scarcity
Narrow roads and heavy traffic
3% School and college kids are overexposed to everything.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Indian Cricket team loses another finals

India lost another finals or to put it the otherway, India has not won any finals since NatWest trophy finals 2002. What I feel is Indian team players are taking things little easy and feeling complacent very much. Being a cricket player myself and can say played it very well at every stage, I feel the main difference between an ordinary sportsperson and the very extraordinary sportsperson are their ability to keep improving on every outing , consistency and never getting complacent.I feel Indian cricketers lack 2/3 individually, it may differ from player to player on which two they are lacking. Till sometime Australian cricket team were exihibiting 3/3 qualities and were winning almost everything and looked unbeatable. I feel this has got more to do with the way Asian thinking is, Asians were brought up feeling not superior about themselves or being humble and silent when they grow up, as being wild and loud is not a good attitude, but on the other hand the other continents which have developed well economically, does not have this silent or slow behaviour in their growing kids, they are mostly opposite to the Asians. And being wild or loud is a good quality with sports as this helps to motivate yourself and you wont accept defeat that easily.

Now what Indian team needs to do. It should get the bench strengh stronger by giving the 12,13,14th players chances to play in the 11 every 2nd match. The point is, the Indian players feel very insecured to be rested for even a single match and the media makes it a big issue everytime when somebody is rested and others given a chance. I feel the rotation policy will be good for players definitely as when they sitout for a match they would be able to view or follow the match from a different prospective and would definitely gain out of it.

Monday, September 05, 2005


F1 Vs A1

Narain Karthikeyan ends up at 20th place in the Italian Grand Prix here last sunday. People who only read the newspaper stories on Narain coming at 15th or 16th or 17th or 20th think that his performance is not as good and wonder why he ends up always in the end. But considering the fact that the team Narain drives for, ie the Jordan`s, does not really have very good cars and anybody who follows the F1 races would know how the other top 16 cars easily overtake Jordan cars without much effort. And particularly the McLarens and Renault and Ferraris definitely drive in a different world and have better cars, Jordan is nowwhere near to them. Considering this fact, it is really appreciatable that Narain is doing a good job consistently coming ahead of his team mate Teigo Monterio and doing better than Minardi`s most of the time.Its all matter of time when he gets into a better team and would then definitely land in the top 3 slots regularly.

A1 ( ) starts this Septemer 25th and is expected to be a level player, ie every countrys cars are exactly with the same specification and quality, unlike F1 where big players had better cars. A1 is the brain child of Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, who is really rich sultan and has keen interest in motor sports. I think A1 would also pick up well and do good, but will it be able to match F1 for its glamour and style and extragavanza, we need to wait and see.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Sania in US open 2005 4th round.

Sania reaches the 4th round of US open 2005. This is a real good achievement and for the first time a Indian is playing real competetive tennis (singles) on par with top 50. Though Mahesh & Leander had done many achievements in tennis, one good thing what Sania has brought is the awareness and the importance that typical indian families have realised on playing sports and making it as a full time career. More kids/girls are trying to spend more time on tennis and other games. The change in the mindset is really a very good improvement. Soon India would see more such champions coming and dominating the International sports arena.

Australia is one country where 9/10 citizens plays atleast one sport or game and every 5/10 can play 2 or more games. Isnt it really impressive, and more than that almost everybody in Australias population knows swimming. But China is catching in sports as it does in other fronts. The next olympics in China (2006 or 2008 ? not sure) will sure be dominated by chinese as its happening in their own country.

BTW, I would like Sania to win her 4th round aswell, but considering the fact that she is playing again Seed 1 Maria Sharapova , I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


2005 Michael Schumacher in F1 sofar

Today Michael Schumacher of Ferrari had given a statement that he is still motivated for compete in this years F1 overall championship. Though the possibilities of him clinching the crown for this year is almost not possible, he still wants to compete, anything is still possible in F1 till mathematically, point calculations tells you that you are out. I have been seriously following F1 for the past 3 years starting from 2003. Last year was really domincated by the Ferrari's MSchumacher, he won the first 7 out of 9 races and that point of time I thought with this kind of domination why would others really wanted to still race and what would be everybodys fate the next year. But see what had happened this year, Ferrari has been overtaken by Kimi and Alonso. I wouldnt have really beleived that something of this sort would be possible, but this year I see it happening.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


BSNL broadband and my ESOP

I have been using the BSNL broadband service for sometime now and really happy with their service. So far I have been getting around 240kbs on an average and link stays online for all the time without getting disconnected. BSNL is one government establishment which is doing equally(or better) service than itscompetitors.

I have been following Nasdaq for quite some time seriously as I had some stocks which I wanted to sell. This was the courtesy of my previous company ( which gave me ESOP ( employee stock options plan) stocks to be traded in that market. BTW, I had to mention I never had the instinct to place the selling at the right time. My sellings always led way for further increase in price. I have had this experience with Indian Stocks, Indian Mutual Funds and the same continuous with US stocks. I guess not many people would boast to have such a unique claim. This time I sold the stocks and immediately market started to pickup. Probably I did not realise that "Patience pays off".

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