Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Indian Cricket team loses another finals

India lost another finals or to put it the otherway, India has not won any finals since NatWest trophy finals 2002. What I feel is Indian team players are taking things little easy and feeling complacent very much. Being a cricket player myself and can say played it very well at every stage, I feel the main difference between an ordinary sportsperson and the very extraordinary sportsperson are their ability to keep improving on every outing , consistency and never getting complacent.I feel Indian cricketers lack 2/3 individually, it may differ from player to player on which two they are lacking. Till sometime Australian cricket team were exihibiting 3/3 qualities and were winning almost everything and looked unbeatable. I feel this has got more to do with the way Asian thinking is, Asians were brought up feeling not superior about themselves or being humble and silent when they grow up, as being wild and loud is not a good attitude, but on the other hand the other continents which have developed well economically, does not have this silent or slow behaviour in their growing kids, they are mostly opposite to the Asians. And being wild or loud is a good quality with sports as this helps to motivate yourself and you wont accept defeat that easily.

Now what Indian team needs to do. It should get the bench strengh stronger by giving the 12,13,14th players chances to play in the 11 every 2nd match. The point is, the Indian players feel very insecured to be rested for even a single match and the media makes it a big issue everytime when somebody is rested and others given a chance. I feel the rotation policy will be good for players definitely as when they sitout for a match they would be able to view or follow the match from a different prospective and would definitely gain out of it.

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