Sunday, September 04, 2005


Sania in US open 2005 4th round.

Sania reaches the 4th round of US open 2005. This is a real good achievement and for the first time a Indian is playing real competetive tennis (singles) on par with top 50. Though Mahesh & Leander had done many achievements in tennis, one good thing what Sania has brought is the awareness and the importance that typical indian families have realised on playing sports and making it as a full time career. More kids/girls are trying to spend more time on tennis and other games. The change in the mindset is really a very good improvement. Soon India would see more such champions coming and dominating the International sports arena.

Australia is one country where 9/10 citizens plays atleast one sport or game and every 5/10 can play 2 or more games. Isnt it really impressive, and more than that almost everybody in Australias population knows swimming. But China is catching in sports as it does in other fronts. The next olympics in China (2006 or 2008 ? not sure) will sure be dominated by chinese as its happening in their own country.

BTW, I would like Sania to win her 4th round aswell, but considering the fact that she is playing again Seed 1 Maria Sharapova , I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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