Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Where does VoIP will head

I have been watching very interestingly on the innovations thats happening in the VoIP space. This technology is catching up and these days everybody seems to be making pc-to-pc calls. The recent announcement of googleTalk has made everybody to sit upright and look forward and what would happen. That is what google has acheived, they are now termed as the next big thing in IT and moving to other domains apart from their Search services.
Its interesting to note that Yahoo, Microsoft and Google will now fight to capture this VoIP market and Microsoft has recently purchased a startup ( check,,8210-1758470,00.html ) named teleo, which allows you to make calls from pc to traditional landlines/mobiles. And everybodys interest seems to be on guessing what would be the next step for these major companies, my guessing would be
a) Yahoo would be the first one to announce pc to landline/mobile calls, this might happen sometime around Aug 2006.
b) Google Will buy Skype, this is around dec 2005 or jan 2006
c) Microsoft would announce its pc to landline/mobile calls integrated with Telephone feature in full version Microsoft Vista, this is around 2006 december.
d) Google will come with the best pc to landline/mobile calls through its google talk and it will be completely free.
Lets wait and see what happens.

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