Monday, July 24, 2006


Blog sites banned

I won't say the recent ban by the Indian Government on the blog sites like blogspot, typepad, wordpress etc was the reason I did not have any new blog entries. The couple of months have been hectic, workwise and even on the personal front and the last thing on my mind was to blog about something. Things are improving and I should be regular with more posts. So far I have been blogging, but not sure what “what is my style” or what really I am intending to do here, and no wonder I have only 6 page visists per day. I have planned to change the way I write and see whether I can become a better writter.

As the saying goes “Change is the only thing that’s Constant” I am heading towards lot of change and will update on these in the coming months.

Coming back to the Blogs ban, when I tried to get into blogger site and when the page did not open as expected I was suspicious ( missed the news on the ban actually) and was trying to debug it on why when all other sites opened this wasn’t. I was trying to relate it to my recent mail to our CEO (yes, Chief Executive Officer) and other big heads of the company that I work, on why we should also have a blog and gave them examples of how, other companies have their own blog site. It was a sigh of relief when I finally discovered that the ban has got nothing to do with what I did.

I really don’t understand on how this ban could have helped the government and definitely not the correct thing to do aswell. Any prohibitted fruit gets more attention and I really guess the blogs popularity in India would have grown more due to this ban.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Out of the Box Thinking 2


Really awesome stuff.

Here is Out of Box Thinking 1 according to me

Great Stuff.

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