Friday, July 13, 2012


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Was in Dhaka,Bangladesh for 4 days for a product presentation cum workshop. Its always interesting to know that people listen and ask lots of questions which are intelligent and practical.

Dhaka is very similar to calcutta I was told by the local citizen though I dont remember the calcutta I know or seen long back. Thought Dhaka was little familiar with old Delhi with the rickshwas and crowd etc.

On my way back one of the friend advised me to head to airport early enough as things might get delayed and how true was he. Good for me that I listened to his words. The airport immigration in Dhaka take lot of time in clearing the queue. BTW was observing a local politician who was behind me in the queue and its
a pity to  have such bangladeshi politicians. He was rude with everyone and trying to show off and demanding he has to be sent before and has links etc. When the security were doing their role in the manual security check he got offended that the security guard mistreated him and called him "bloody fool" and demanded to talk to his superior immediately.

The security guard was so innocent that he called his supervisor and told him "sir one political leader sir here he tells me I did some fault and want to complain sir can you come sir".

Nobody respected that political leader and he was still not realizing it. Even his wife and son who accompained him were staying away from him throughout showing a body language that they dont agree with his actions. Overall it was a good trip and productive.

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