Thursday, May 28, 2009


Found a Bug in Bugzilla

Had a colleague in office coming to me for fixing a bugzilla issue, they were not able to change bug status in the buzilla 3.2.2. I had to help him as he had taken inputs from me for installing and setting it up and considers me a very good expert on the technical side (really ?)

I consider myself very good in debuggin issues and I have trouble shooted successfully in the past, with that reputation at stake I had to solve his problem.

I noticed that whenever the user changes bug status from NEW to ASSIGNED, it automatically gets into CLOSED state and also tries to move the database to another. Though I could understand why this action should happen but was not sure why the bug status and database movement are interconnected.

After looking at the gui for couple hours and not proceeding anywhere, went inside the bugzilla install and checked the code. I was able to find why it was doing the reported unexpected behaviour and could fix it easily, definitely had lot of satisfaction going back home after this. :)

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