Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Saying 'NO' to Bribe Traffic Police - 2

Scene 2) September 30th 2009 - Near the new under-construction flyover at Kotturpuram, waiting to take left from Boat club road to Kotturpuram - Time 9 AM

Traffic Police Stops the car: Why is your number plate not visible ?
(The recent car cleaning service had made the number plate`s first letter disappear slightly and my car number plate is UP registred for which I had got proper NOC from UP travel authorities and got the vehicle to run in Chennai roads. )
Me: The recent car cleaning service has resulted in this, I will fix this immediately.

TP: Do you have the papaers ? license , NOC etc
I give him the RC, old license copy and the NOC
TP: This is not the NOC (ofcourse I gave him the correct NOC only but he refused to beleive )
TP: Ok park the car in the side.
Parked the Car. He checks the papers again and tells me that the insurance has not been renewed.

I always provide the expired car insurance paper first to the traffic police so that he forgets everything else and argues on the expired insurance and after sometime I show him the renewed latest insurance papers and he goes mad as he doesn't have a case against me now. This works always.

TP: You need to pay 500 for number plate and 1000 rs for NOC expiration, totally pay 1500 rs.
ME: Okay sir I will pay the fine.
I get down from the vehicle.

TP: (Shocked) Okay it will take an hour to get the formalities done.
ME: that should be fine sir
TP: (looking at the watch) at what time is your office
ME: 9 o clock
TP: So its already 9 am
ME: Yes its getting late for me
TP: Ok forget the fine, just pay me 200rs and you can push off
ME: No sir I wont do that.
TP: What if I insist on paying the fine
ME: Thats okay sir, I am ready to pay the fine.

Here the TP introduces me to another TP and explains the story but he twists it a little and claims that I expect him to give a warning.

All these times I give a very serious and stubborn look. However I was really keen on paying the fine and not ready to pay the bribe.

TP: (after waiting for around 5 mintues) Ok fix the number plate soon
ME: Yes I will do.

Traffic police is confused on why this person is ready to pay the fine of 1500rs but not to pay the bribe 200rs and he is little scared as he had openly asked for the bribe to let me go free.

I just walk away without paying any money and planning in mind that I should fix the number plate very soon.


Saying 'NO' to Bribe Traffic Police - 1

Within span of three weeks in this month I stood firm and refused to give bribe to traffic police who caught me, the outcome is really very interesting.

It seems you cannot take a `U` turn at the first signal when you take kathibara junction flyover in the road which leads to Ekaduthangal and instead take a right inside to Guindy Industrial Estate via Alacatel-Lucent office and get out via the Guindy Bus stop and connect to Guindy - Saidapet road.

However I have been taking `U` turn in that signal for the past one month without realising that I should not.

Scene 1) September 10th 2009 - Kathibara junction flyover - Time around 7pm

Traffice Police: Stop Stop Stop
Me stopping the car and parked it in the road side and asked him whats the problem

TP: Don`t you see that you cannot take `U` turn and its only right turn which is allowed in this signal
Me: Oops Sorry Sir, I did not know this and I have been using this for almost a month now

At this point the discussion continues and the TP wants me to show the papers. He takes me to the Traffic Sargent.

TS: You have to pay a fine of 150 for taking U Turn and your NOC is expired, totally pay 600 rs. (My no objection certificate has indeed expired and I did not know what to do to renew that.)
Me: Ok Sir, I will not take this U again here and tell me what needs to be done to get the NOC renewed.

TS: No first you pay the fine of 600 rs
ME: Ok, I will pay the fine.
Here I get ready to pay 600 rs and ask for a receipt

TS: (Shocked) Come on sir, ofcourse you can pay 600rs and earn that money again however that is not the point we are insisting things only for your safety. Think what would happen if you take a U turn and get into an accident, it is not good. So kindly avoid and do what you can (ie pay him bribe).
ME: (Refusing to pay any amount without receipt) Ok Sir, Its my mistake and I wont do that again, fine me for this offense or consider giving me a warning without taking any money.

The TP & TS realised I am very stubborn and not keen to jump on or take shortcut to not pay the fine. They finally said to be careful in future and let me go without any fine or money after 20 minutes of ordeal.

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