Monday, September 20, 2010


Powerful words

Some times we come across very powerful words or sentences which makes you really really thinking. Its been almost a year since these words keeps ringing in my head again and again.

What has he lived
To call it a life
Was it believed
To keep him alive

These words were from a poem that was written by my wife. She is best in whatever she does and I like these words very much. It makes me humble.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Agile Poem

hmm, penned a few words on Agile :)

Agile Poem

Starting the day with daily Standup,
update each other on really whatz up,
what I did , what I will do and what puzzles me,
improvement and impediments on board for everyone to see.

With the poker card on planning game
its never that two user stories are the same.
Its about being roughly right than precisely wrong
then commit to our PO for sprint thats two week long.

Split the stories into easy task
pick them as you wish and dont bother to ask.
get knowledge and help each other with pair programm
Continous integration & TDD will bring us peace and calm.

The acceptance criteria and def. of done is our scope
we even pick something from the sprints corner of hope
preparing everything for the sprint demo
the communication calender is our easy promo.

Do retro to share learnings and improve to our best
use the stickies, categorize and continue our quest
will never again go back to the method of waterfall
for we know and beleive that agile is "best of all".

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