Thursday, September 01, 2005


BSNL broadband and my ESOP

I have been using the BSNL broadband service for sometime now and really happy with their service. So far I have been getting around 240kbs on an average and link stays online for all the time without getting disconnected. BSNL is one government establishment which is doing equally(or better) service than itscompetitors.

I have been following Nasdaq for quite some time seriously as I had some stocks which I wanted to sell. This was the courtesy of my previous company ( which gave me ESOP ( employee stock options plan) stocks to be traded in that market. BTW, I had to mention I never had the instinct to place the selling at the right time. My sellings always led way for further increase in price. I have had this experience with Indian Stocks, Indian Mutual Funds and the same continuous with US stocks. I guess not many people would boast to have such a unique claim. This time I sold the stocks and immediately market started to pickup. Probably I did not realise that "Patience pays off".

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