Thursday, September 15, 2005


Skype acquired by ebay

Finally the news is out and confirmed. Skype acquired by ebay, and it’s really a sad story for me. I thought skype was doing great and would do more good in future, but now ebay having acquired skype, I really doubt whether skype would actually perform as one would have thought. The reason is simple, skype now has to be more customized and focused on helping ebay than doing anything that would revolutionize. I thought that skype would have headed to that direction before. Well what I mean by revolutionize, nothing but giving pc-to-mobile/phone calls free or at very cheap rates. It is very much possible still with googleTalk, Yahoo, MSN still in the race. Now I really doubt whether the next step to free pc-to-pc calls is actually free pc-to-phone calls, seems its not.

But Google is known for its innovation and standing apart from its so-called competitors, let’s see what they do with their GoogleTalk.

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