Tuesday, September 13, 2005


England wins the Ashes

England regained the Ashes after 16 years and 29 days. This would have been the one of the best test series I have ever watched. Particularly the 2,3,4,5 test matches were nothing more than thrillers with outstanding performances from both England and Australian cricketers. England really outplayed Australia in every department and they played well as a Team. Unfortunately for Australia they did not click as a Team, but was able to give a good fight due to the performances of Sharne Warne, McGrath, Brett Lee mainly. The best thing about Australia is that they have maintained very high level performances for quite some time now and showed really extraordinary level of consistency in winning the matches either its one-day or test. Australia were in a different league of cricket for sometime and England is catching up with them fast and probably had out-placed them with this Ashes victory.

On the other hand , India has been losing and losing in the finals, as always. Its right time that Ganguly gets replaced or even dropped for some matches if he continues performs badly. It looks like Indian team players have taken their positions in the team as granted. We should also follow the rotation policy so that everybody gets a chance and gains experiences.

John Buchanan the Australian cricket coach has said after the loss,

"We've probably over-analysed our game on this tour. Cricket is a one-ball game, but sometimes players think too much about what's gone before and what the consequences of their actions will be."
Its really funny that when a team loses, they are accused of not having analysed the game and not making good strategies on how to attack the opponent, etc etc. If you still lose inspite of being very well prepared, you have no other option other than to go back to the basics of cricket , take one-ball at a time.

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