Saturday, September 17, 2005


Google Blog Search

Google has introduced a search service for blogs, its really very cool and very useful. I should say I was very thrilled to see my posting when I did a search on my blog heading “Understand the Connections”. I should say the blogs are catching up very fast and these days everybody is interested in having their own blog, where you can blog about anything and everything.

Personally I regularly follow Om Malik`s broadband blog
He writes really good and always gives wealth of information well in advance on the topics he covers.

The other blog which I have bookmarked is Manu Sharma writes good and his site is really attractive and very catchy.

Finally Rashmi Sinha's weblog

For the other information and latest updates Google News is really useful.

I haven’t had any comments on my blog so far and thinking that I should treat the first person who comments on my blog for a dinner, provided they are in/around Delhi/Noida/Gurgoan or send a gift if they stay outside. Hmmm but this is not a promise.
BTW, I should mention I already got a comment but that seems to be an autogenerated spam comment where that person wanted me to check someother website. What I expect is some useful feedback on the writing style, content topics that I cover etc.

Here's a comment and I'm not directing you to any blogs, but.. I am not in the area, so no dinner, I guess:( I am trying to understand the internet more. I don't have a total grasp on the assets of blogger and google. I am working at it and posts like yours help. THank you!
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Oh, thanks a ton trailertrash.

You cant have dinner, but I can definitely compensate that for sure, by regularly following your blog(s).

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