Monday, September 26, 2005


An anonymous Internet Communication – TOR & New Age “MouseWives”

One of the main concerns in the growing Internet usage is the “SAFETY & SECURITY” on the Internet. Tor is a very useful tool when you want the websites you visit not to track you, ie from where did you reach the website or whereelse you go from here. For example, at the bottom of my blog you will find a count on number of visitors to this blog. Everyweek, I get a weekly status update on how many people visited this site and where did they come from, location, website etc. If you want this information to be not visible to others then TOR is the tool for you. Check the website for more info

The advantages of technology is it makes you aware of whats happening around the globe and keep you hooked to it. A recent study in UK have found that with the net revolution the traditional “housewives” or turning into “mousewives”, that means more and more women are getting into using computers and internet as they have it at home, this is really a very good thing.

“The research, carried out by Demos, and based on a six-month anthropological study of five families combined with nationwide polling, reveals how the mother's domestic role has evolved in relation to the internet.
It shows that half of all women who go online have moved the home PC into the living room so it can play a central role in family life.
Two-thirds of women now research their families' health online, it says, while one third have replaced Watch with Mother with Surf with Mother as they accompany their children online to do homework or play.
Women with a computer in the household also turn out to be 'all-hours' users, with half logging on before breakfast and a fifth getting up in the middle of the night to access the internet. The main reasons cited are that the PC is becoming the social hub for gossip with family and friends as well as a means of bargain hunting, without leaving the living room. “

Check the for more info.

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