Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Opera – Free Internet Browser announced that their web browser can be downloaded for free by users and they wanted to catch the no.2 spot in the browser category (current no.1 Internet Explorer & no.2 FireFox). Microsoft has 86% of the market with Internet Explorer and Opera is realistic in their expectation that they can become no.1 by out placing Microsoft.

So which is better, Opera Vs FireFox. I would vote for Opera, it is really very cool and can be customized to a great extent. FireFox also is customizable but I did not some how like FireFox look & feel, Opera seems to be pretty good in the look and feel than FireFox. So why would anyone want to move away from Internet Explorer, I really don’t know, infact many people complain that IE is slow, being an expert Internet user myself, I don’t see any issues with IE, and it works fine for me. Though I tried FireFox and thinking of using Opera for sometime, I think the native feeling of using IE, basically because of the fact that we have been using IE for long would make it really difficult to change from it to FF or Opera. But Opera is definitely worth trying and it is graphical and has special effects working really good. And they have features for “voice” capabilities, and they are the first web browser to give such facility. Operas tabbed browsing works better than FireFox or Netscape Navigator. BTW, on Solaris Netscape Navigator works very fine for me. On Windows, one of my favourite and the reason I stick to IE is the “links” button that you can have, I have lot of webpages bookmarked in Links and its really easy to browse it in IE, but with other FF or Opera you have to go to your links through “bookmarks” only.

Probably I would look forward for Windows Vista and the new Internet Explorer that comes along with it.

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