Thursday, September 29, 2005


Asian’s Share in Software Innovation

I was pondering over the thought about what are the Software Innovation that had been contributed by the Asian Community, say like India or China. Its to be noted that India and China has more Software engineers and you will definitely find them in any major global company either its private or public, in US and Europe, but what is their contribution individually or something which has been very evident.

When I think about this, I could recollect Hotmail, which, an Indian Sameer Bhatia was the co-founder, what else ?? I could not recollect , but look around the softwares you use and the tools that’s part of your computer, you would easily notice that most of them had been brain child of Americans or Europeans. Ok, lets think of some big players, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Intel, IBM, Cisco, EBay, Skype, or any of the open source like FireFox, Mozilla , ofcourse we would definitely find an Indian or Chinese contributing to these software, but have they actually built something which is really innovative or their own idea.

Yes, there are some names like Vinodh Khosla ( founder of Sun Microsystems), Rajeev Madhavan ( Magma Designs ), Ram Shriram (Investor in Google, founded Sherpavo, Junglee) but none of these were from their respective birth countries, all from US.

Considering the fact that all major IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys are doing really good and minting good money but mostly through services and support products. But where is Innovation ?? Something which would really make an Impact in our lives when we use that Innovation or any Disruptive Technology ???

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