Saturday, May 13, 2006


Rapidshare Hack

First let me begin with saying "It is not possible to hack rapidshare" the only way it seems is to be its paid premium member and opt for privileges. If anybody tries to eat the free lunch its definitely not unlimited.

Today I was trying to download some files which was uploaded to rapidshare, the file size was pretty big and it gave me a warning that I have already downloaded 250710 kb of data and to download more wait for 10 minutes. So I thought there should be some way to get away/hack this and download more. Googled to find something, and all the given tips/tricks definitely dont work, probably rapidshare folks would have also seen those tricks and got all doors sealed.

What surprised me is this, I have two machines, one windows box and another linux box, both has different ip address etc etc, the only thing thats common with both my systems is my "login" and both machines are connected through network , when the download limit was reached I smartly moved from my windows to linux and thought should be able start the downloads. But rapidshare setup is smart and I was dumbfolded when I got the same error that I have already downloaded 250710 kb of data bla bla bla.

What could be the logic, where are they storing those details ?? Will work on to find it out :-)

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