Wednesday, October 26, 2005


E-mail Authentication

One of the very important issues with emails is spam’s, I am sure everybody would have received spam mails in some form or other. To put an end to this spam’s , an email security firm named IronPort is working on coming out with an email authentication system, which would confirm whether the message received from a particular sender is actually sent by that person itself, or it’s a spam where somebody else, sending the message posing as the identified sender.

"I have no lack of confidence that, given time, it will be fully implemented, possibly within the next 18 months," said Tom Peterson, vice president of technology for IronPort Systems.

It would be really interesting to watch how this system would work.

One fool proof method which can work for anyone is,
Send mail
Call the receiver over phone/mobile &
Inform him/her about your mail.

Sometimes different technologies/methods put together would bring you the desired result :-))

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