Friday, October 07, 2005


Writely & Numsum

Writely & Numsum are Spreadsheet and Word editing tools. The unique feature is you can edit your files in the web browser directly; this is cool as you can be anywhere and everywhere (online) to get access to your spreadsheet or word tools.

I believe this is what leads to Web2.0, ie the users can do everything in the web browser itself. For example, you use IM to chat, use Voice chat to talk to your friends, use the writely/numsum tools to edit/create documents, browse, check mails, write, send, receive, search, upload, download, access applications.

Some of them are already available, the rest and others will be made available soon by someone soon. In fact I think the Google – Sun team up would head this way. This makes the internet itself as an operating system, the internetOS, and most of the stuffs would be for free. Microsoft would suffer due to this and we will see Microsoft Vs Google war as a result. Most of the tools/applications/software/OS with Microsoft are charged and Google would bring all these in InternetOS for free. Software sales are still Microsoft's bread and butter, generating $US11 billion ($14.5 billion) last year alone.

Google has announced that it would launch spreadsheet and word document editing software’s online and partners with Sun Microsystems on this.

"Sun Microsystems Australia spokesman Paul O'Connor said the deal was "huge". Mr. O'Connor said the deal was a wake-up call for traditional software companies such as Microsoft.

"At the moment most people are used to having to pay for software packages, but at the end of the day, the value is in the content and services – not in the software itself," he said. "

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