Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Broadband Rates & Trends – Around World

I was thinking on the broadband usage/rates/penetration around different countries and found out the following information; quite impressively India seems to have cheap broadband rates when compared to other countries. However most of the countries give minimum 512kb where in India its 256kb, but for minimum cost of 250rs (approx 6.5 dollars) with 400Mb download limit.

The standard broadband account offered at speeds of 512Kbps, also more than 91% of the UK has access to a broadband-enabled exchange. The figure is set to surpass 99% by summer 2005.
The above detail is as quoted in BBC

Some options available in UK
BT Broadband £29.99 per month – speed 512kb
Wanadoo BroadBand £22.99 per Month – speed 1Mb
Virgin broband £17.99 month –speed 512kb - 3GB download

Users pay about $15 a month for speeds of 30mb per second

Singapore had the highest residential broadband penetration rate at 46.1% in the Asia Pacific region and it is expected to rise to 75% by 2009. The major players include incumbent SingTel, StarHub, Pacific Internet and Singapore Cable Vision. StarHub and Pacific Internet are DSL and wireless Internet providers while SCV is a cable Internet provider.

In Philadelphia Earthlink gives wifi internet connection to its residents/visitors, and Google has bid to give free 300kbs wifi internet for all San Francisco.
However reports here & here suggest that Broadband is costlier in America

I did not have the details for countries like France, Spain, Pakistan, Germany, SriLanka and others. Feel free to comment if you have some details.

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