Saturday, October 01, 2005


100 Dollars Laptop & 1000 Rupees Mobile

Two interesting and path breaking news for the week from two different corners of the world

A Laptop for 100 Dollars

“The machine would be powered by a 500 MHz processor and would run a “skinny version” of the open-source Linux operating system. They plan to initially target the developing countries like Brazil, China, Egypt, South Africa, and Thailand along with the state of Massachusetts, which has committed itself to equip every child in their state with a laptop. “

A Mobile for 1000 Rupees

“Speaking to reporters at the inauguration of their new Philips Innovation Centre (PIC) at Hebbal, Frans van Houten, CEO, Philips Semiconductors, said it would work with local players in India to build an "indigenous product" for an MRP of $20, which may be released sometime next year. “

Though both are yet to hit the market, it’s really encouraging to see how the technological advancement brings these products easily accessible to everybody. If we think about the costs of the Laptops or Mobiles some 10 years back it’s really unbelievable that it had reached such a level. However one can be very sure that it would be really very difficult to predict anything in IT industry. Remember “Why would anyone ever need more than 640K of RAM?" --Bill Gates, c. 1981” :-)

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