Friday, December 09, 2005


Yahoo copies

Recently Yahoo announced “Answers” service and expected to announce “Phone-in/out” services in the coming few days. Clearly these two services are already existing and Google doing really well with its and Skype leader in the VoIP calling. I have used/using both Google Answers and Skype and needless to say they are really impressive and I prefer them.

We need to probably wait and watch what Yahoo has to offer differently with these two new services when compared to others. Its expected that the Yahoo`s phone charges would be comparatively cheaper than Skype. Yahoo Answers is free where Google starts with 2.5 dollars minimum and they offer to return the charge if the answers are not to the satisfaction.

To touch the title, Yahoo had infact copied these ideas, but then others also cannot claim that they were their originals, If I remember correctly Sabir Bhatia of Hotmail fame did start a site named which answers for users queries for charge but did not succeed and the site does not even exist today, Skype took the leaf out of Yahoo messenger and made it bigger and better with quality of voice and ease to setup. Perhaps thats how things works and I am not understanding that, now I go on to think on where to pick the leaf from for my own company, but havent found anything yet.

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