Thursday, November 17, 2005


Analytics and Base from Google

Google has introduced two new services: Google Analytics & Google Base and had renamed the controversial Google Print to Google Book Search.

Well, I use Google Analytics to understand how people come to this blog and visit patterns etc, it seems to be really a very good and useful service. I also take proud that I did send a mail to Google team that they should come with this kind of tool some time back. Though I can’t take credit for the birth of this Analytics, at least it would have made them to think I guess. So instead of developing something new they went ahead and bought the Ulrich Live and renamed it to Google Analytics, the best part is it’s free for a total limit of 5 million web hits per month.

Google Base suggests that you can put/upload all your contents and Google will host it. I believe users would be interested to upload contents for which they would have some business (buying/selling) interests. So this means that this Base can be a indirect competitor to E-Bay.

I am wondering how many servers Google might have for all these data and how they really manage it. How they backup & manage redundancy. ?

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