Thursday, November 24, 2005


FireFox 1.5

Sometimes you feel that why you said something, it becomes worse if you had written about something and had to contradict it later. Now I am in that awkward situation.

Let me say now, FireFox really rocks and is the best browser ever I had used so far.

My previous statement goes like

“Though I tried FireFox and thinking of using Opera for sometime, I think the native feeling of using IE, basically because of the fact that we have been using IE for long would make it really difficult to change from it to FF or Opera.”

I think FF has more features and reasons to move to it, than sticking to IE because of native feeling. I was playing with Opera and FireFox and was kind of bored with heavy Netscape and thought IE is the best among the lot, but then came FireFox 1.5, thought would give it a try with its beta and got hooked to it from then.

I was really happy that it allows maximum customization possible and Google Toolbar also supported. One FireFox addon which really made me happy was the inclusion of custom “Favourite Icons” ie Favicon Picker. If you have bookmarked some page you would see the small icon in the bookmark link, but this gets disappeared when you remove/clean the cache. I was surprised to see many users of web browsers were annoyed with this behaviour and Torisugari has provided an add-on in FireFox to fix this, it works really cool. So now I am more into FireFox and no looking back.

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