Saturday, August 05, 2006



I have posted this idea with for a web based application. Let me know what you think about it, Hot or Not ?

1) User X Create`s account
2) Marks his/her birthdays/marriageannivesarys/partys-at-home
3) Sends invitations through the site and invites friends/relatives for event/functions
4) Selects the list of Items they wanted/interested to receive as gifts on the above events/functions
5) Invitees receives the invitation mail and logins to the site and confirms participation
6) After login the invitees can check the wishlist that the User X has created for the event/function
7) They can contribute fully or partially from the wishlist of User X, then pays through paypal to buy that to User X or Contributes with others.
8) Once an wishlist is done its marked GIFTED and the User X should be able to view who has contributed/bought the gift for him/her
9) User X can also know exact number of people who had accepted the invitation.
10) Sellers can advertise their products directly in or in the "sellers/available products" listings so that it can be selected for wishlist by users.

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