Monday, June 05, 2006


AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Processors

The AMD processors are gaining a lot market share and seem soon will outgrow Intel processors in near future.

“Coinciding with the third anniversary of the launch of the AMD Opteron(TM) processor and AMD64 technology launch, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced today it has seen an increase in its overall x86 server processor market share. Based on the 2006 first quarter numbers from Mercury Research, the AMD Opteron processor now accounts for 22.1 percent of the worldwide x86 server processors shipped in the first quarter, up from 16.4 percent in the 2005 fourth quarter. These new numbers, combined with today's introduction of 12 new platforms that meet the AMD Validated Server guidelines, demonstrate strong demand and momentum for AMD Opteron processor-based solutions across various commercial customer segments.”

Personally, I find AMD processor machines are really very very fast and it’s a treat to watch its running like anything with any processes, compilation etc.

I find more customers/users switching/using AMD as another popular RedHat Linux 3.0 ES supports AMD64. Havent got a chance to use the AMD based Solaris machines but heard that they are also very good.

Even Dell is selling AMD processor machines and one of the main thing to note according to AMD Ceo Mr. Hector Ruiz is the possibility of a 100$ Laptop with AMD processors.

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