Friday, March 03, 2006


Blog Everywhere

Sabeer Bhatia the popular founder of Hotmail who successfully sold it to Microsoft later had come with his new venture called blogeverywhere .

“BlogEverywhere is a simple way for you to log your thoughts and comments on any web page as you surf the web”

Seems the blogeverywhere does not require the users to migrate from any other blog tools that they are currently working, that’s really a good thing.

Q What is the "CC: External Blog" feature?

The "CC: External Blog" feature allows you to cross post any comment being added on to your external blog hosted with another blog provider. This way you do not need to migrate from another blog provider to be part of

I haven’t used it yet, but the FAQ explains,

Q What is a Blog? What is BlogEverywhere?

A blog is the short form for web log. It is an online journal of anything an individual may want to discuss. BlogEverywhere is a simple way for you to log your thoughts and comments on any web page as you surf the web. It enables a virtual water cooler discussion on every web page. Over time we build up an online journal of your first hand accounts and unique perspectives on pages of interest to you. Everyone visiting that page can view your comments giving you a potentially large audience. Other viewers can reply to your comments thereby creating a two way conversation.

Q How does BlogEverywhere work?

In order to provide the simplest blogging interface on every website it is necessary to have our blogbar. We support Internet Explorer on Windows (other browsers and platforms coming soon). Once the blogbar is installed within your browser, simply click on the Read Blogs and Write Blogs buttons as discussed below.

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