Monday, January 16, 2006


WoIP - Wedding over Internet Protocol

A very interesting wedding reported by BBC.

“Rita Sri Mutiara Dewi, from Bandung in Indonesia, and Wiriadi Sutrisno, who is currently living in California, got to know each other through the internet.

Their 25-minute wedding ceremony was also conducted via remote technology, using video, phones and a web cam.

The bride is due to meet her new husband for the first time later this month, when she flies to the US.

"We've exchanged photos, do (internet) chatting almost daily and often call each other, but never met," said Rita, 50, of her 52-year-old spouse.

"I think they did it to cut costs. Such technology has made long-distance marriages possible," Mahmur Suriadiredja, Telkom's West Java regional director in Bandung, told Reuters news agency. The ceremony cost just 200,000 rupiah ($21.30), he said. “

Read the complete Story from BBC.

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