Monday, January 09, 2006


CES Follow-up & Google Pack

The much awaited Consumer Electronic Show is over, and I guess what really turned out from that. Following the details through media/internet actually does not get the real picture on everything that’s been displayed, as only the major players or big events ( Microsoft, Yahoo, Google) were mainly covered and rest went unnoticed (at least in media).

Google Introduced Google Pack, the idea is really good. I also went through the same issues on installing stuffs when I got a new PC and Laptop; you need to install different stuffs to get your machine to work to your satisfaction.

But I also required the following,

Hotmail, Yahoo & Google Instant Messengers
QuickTime Player
Windows Power Toy Calculator
Macromedia Flash Player
Shock Player
Java- Latest
Real VNC
Roxio Easy CD DVD Creator

Still Google Pack is good considering nobody else thought about it, Google has the habit of thinking out-of-box, I wish they will make more additions to the pack.

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