Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Microsoft T-Shirt

Everybody almost know that Google gave job to a girl as she had a Google T-shirt and was proud to wear it around apart from having the required qualifications for that job.
It was really an impressive story and made me to think on what is the use of my Microsoft T-Shirt ? I have a T-Shirt with Microsoft printed on it, though it was not officially from Microsoft, it’s a plain white T-Shirt with Microsoft printed on it in big fonts.

I was keenly following the Microsoft Live messenger blog to see what was happening on the new Live messenger world and was waiting to check their beta release, but was not sure on what was the criteria to get access to beta, I knew that it was only on invitation, so I wrote to the Microsoft Messenger team,


You would have known that Google had given a girl a job as she had Google T-Shirt, I have a Microsoft T-shirt, can Microsoft give me a Live Messenger Beta trial for having Microsoft T-Shirt.


And Bingo, I got an invitation.

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