Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Give it Google

The US Justice Department is putting pressure on Google to hand over the data of millions of searches that’s performed with Google. Already Microsoft and Yahoo had abided by the request and had seemed to have given the required details.

Google in my opinion should have also given the required details, I really don’t understand on why they don’t want to do that. After all it’s the government who is asking for the details and its very much for sure that they will keep the data received very confidential. Google think about it, the government has the power and potential to gather/collect all the required details by various means, and why should Google think that its user’s privacy would be breached if they submit the details.

And the US government is also acting weird in my opinion, seems the action is part of a government effort to revive an online child pornography law. So the government thinks that your searches in the internet would reveal the actual, "who you are". It would have been wiser that if the US government first process the details received from Yahoo and Microsoft searches and see whether it actually leads to anything and if yes, put pressure on Google to reveal the details based on the fact.

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