Monday, February 20, 2006


Soft Skills - Part 2

This is a follow-up for Soft Skills - Part 1

The very important skill one should know about is “Searching”.

The search skills are not to do with any physical search or search for any missing things/objects; it’s all about searching for things which is already available in the World Wide Web. Almost everybody know google and it’s the leader in the search business, the search industry itself has evolved a lot, now we have all kind of searches like

a) text searches
b) picture searches
c) news searches
d) video searches

The picture search is catching up these days and many new companies are venturing into this, popular examples are Riya, or truveo (this is acquired by AOL recently)

If anybody is still not convinced why “Searching” is a skill, check , for almost, most of the questions answered, the researches answering the questions get the answers from google search itself, and many a times I wonder why somebody can’t help themselves doing the same.

If you had come till this point, and wondering what I am really conveying here, forgive me. I started with something in mind and could not actually get it presented properly. But the bottom line is, searching is a skill and with experience one can master it.

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