Saturday, June 03, 2006


Microsoft Office - Open Office - Star Office

Well Microsoft recently annouced that it has no plans to support PDF in Office 2007.

"Microsoft's confirmation of plans to alter Office 2007's PDF support followed a report in Friday's Wall Street Journal chronicling a breakdown in talks between the two companies about Microsoft's plans to embrace Adobe's PDF technology. Adobe has threatened to take legal actions against Microsoft in Europe, according to the WSJ report."

Converting word docs to pdf is one real requirement in any software development environment, when you have many documents, technical papers to write, its pretty easy to type in Microsoft Word and convert it to PDF. Seems it might not be possible in Office 2007.

On the side note, I have to tell that the on Linux & Solaris really sucks, hmm I shouldnt be that harsh, I can say that its not as good as windows office. Though I have openoffice on my linux workstation, I hardly use openoffice and always switch to my windows pc to check all documents, powerpoints etc.

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