Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Again Sweden, Karlskrona

One of the places I like the most in any country is the Airport. You see different types of people all very busy and looking forward to their journey. Travelers are interesting to observe. Happened to visit Sweden again for official work and this time I felt really bored with the long Chennai -> Frankfurt, Germany -> Copenhagen, Denmark - Sweden,Karlskrona journey. Anywaz I am here finally and enjoying the temporary cold weather when compared to the Hot Chennai. I remember somebody once said that the weather is only in your mind and not outside. Very true to think while I was in School/College never bothered about on raining/shining or cold, however it matters a lot when you are grown up.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Pidgin - GTalk Login Issues

In my work environment I have a Linux workstation and a windows Laptop, I regularly keep in touch with people using Instant messengers of Yahoo, GTalk and MSN. However after upgrading my windows laptop to Vista I could no longer login to Yahoo IM as our network is firewall protected so for sometime I was not using any IM till I found PIDGIN.

Pidgin was definitely the Ultimate IM i was searching for, it ultimately allowed me to login to GTalk, Yahoo, MSN and Sametime in one single IM tool. But things did not work the first instance as I struggled to get through the issues like

"SSL Handshake failed"

"Connection timed out"

The above errors were mainly for connecting GTalk through Pigdin, I googled and tried all permutation & combination for the pidgin settings but with no success.

Finally after lot of reading and searching realised that it needs correct settings as my work environment is behind firewall and all ports were blocked except 80. So finally I got Pigdin Gtalk to work with the below setup

However I shutdown my laptop went home and came back the next day to work and could not login to pidgin-Gtalk as it was facing "SSL Handshake failed" error. After spending sometime realised that https looks for the default port 443 and the below settings worked perfectly fine.

For the past one week I am happily chatting with pidgin and really like it. BTW the version is 2.5.5 on windows vista.

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