Wednesday, August 09, 2006


At 23

Check this advertisement, I saw this in one of the leading newspapers in India. This is for an opening with one BPO company in Delhi, the matter of fact is, this advertisement really made me to think.

Look at it again, you would be able to follow

- At 23, many join as management trainees.
- At 23, you could be managing trainees.

So it gives an impression that if X who is 23 joins this particular company then its possible that X could be managing trainees, so who would he be managing ? My guess is he would be managing those people who got into this job without reading this advertisement, otherwise they themselves would be managing trainees.

So what happens to those who are 23 and want to join the company to manage trainees, say 20 people who are in this age group applies and all 20 want to manage trainees , so again , who are these trainees ? are these trainees are people who are not yet 23, otherwise they would have been managing the trainees themselves.

Anyhow doesnt make sense to me at all. Let me know what you think.

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