Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Is Quitting real hard ?

Let me clarify in the beginning, the Title question is about quitting/resigning your job to get into your next job, mostly for the reason of career progression or some personal reasons for which you need to change jobs.

Hmm, I am quitting my current job with a very good US based Delhi MNC and joining a very good Europe based Chennai MNC, and I would be relocating aswell. The good thing is the new state is my hometown.

When I joined my current company I thought that I would stay for a year or two and move to US as during that time job markets in USA was very good and in India almost every house had somebody who works in US and it was my turn I thought. But I did not move to US as I liked my job + company + environment and all the challenges that it brought in. I had spent almost 6 years working in that product and loved every bit of it. Now when I think about leaving it, I really feel little sad and at the same time when I think about the opportunities that the new job is bringing in I feel excited.

My friends tells me that 6 years in one company/product is good, I guess the main reason I stayed for long is due to Delhi only, I really like Delhi, its big roads, big cars and big monuments and etc etc. Everything about Delhi is perfectly the way I would like things to be. Change is the only thing constant and I am sure I am going to enjoy my return to hometown.

But the change does not happen very easily, though I have resigned I am waiting for transitioning my stuffs to the new person. I now realize the more years of experience you have in a company + the more responsibility you carry + the more knowledge you have on the domain = more & more time to transition. I am not actually liking this waiting for sure, once you decide and wanting to move out it becomes difficult to wait, you feel like jumping out immediately and get into your next job asap, and it really does not happen that way when you have notice period of 3 months and the more + more I said above.

In another 15-20 days I would be in a new state, new home and a new job, though its going to be in the same domain where I consider myself an expert with extraordinary skils (really ?), I did not expect this to happen some 50 days back nor I planned for it aswell, when I came to know about this opening through my friend, I knew I would fit like a perfect glove, thought of just giving the interview to see how it goes as I havent given any inteview for long and also for personal/family reasons, guess thats the start and though I planned something, God planned differently. The reason for having my blog name as "Understand the Connections" is to really ponder about on why/how these things happen? I had a friend who is very keen on Astrology etc and she always tells me that everything in this planet is already planned and it would just happen that way, when I think about how things unfolded in this case, I believe it might be really true ? Dear Friends, wish me goodluck for my next job.

Good luck man for your new job!
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