Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Relocation Update

Hmm, well now I can claim that my relocation is complete. Atleast all the household goods and my car reached from Delhi to Chennai in a good shape. Though the car was completely dead and interiors badly dusted when it was delivered to me, with a service everything looks alright now.

One funny incidence, the battery had exhausted and we had to push my car to start it, so I managed to start the car from my house and on my way to my Uncles place had to cross this long-waiting "Nandam Signal", by habit when I saw that I had to wait for more than 60seconds I just switched off the Car ignition without realising that car wont start. My god, guess what we are stranded in front of the signal and blocking all the hurrying vehicles behind us cursing and wondering, that too in the peak time of 7.30pm.

I got down from my car to seek help from somebody to push, expectedly I could not get any help from people waiting for the signal to clear, luckily one good hearted guy (who delivers mineral water bottle in his tricycle) voluntarily stopped and came forward to help, he was then joined by another college going student. Both of them waited till the signal to go green and helped me to start the car by pushing it, thank haven reached home without stopping anywhere.

The Chennai city looks very busy, even at night 10.30 people are seen in the roads, comparing the early sleepers in Delhi were mostly everything shuts down by 8.30 this is a welcome change.

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