Sunday, August 27, 2006


Zune in India

The much anticipated rival of the most popular iPod, Zune from Microsoft is expected to be launched in India during this Diwali/Christmas season. The instrument is going to be manufactured by Toshiba and I am guessing that its going to be WIRELESS. Yes, that is the only disadvantage with iPod that the headset with wires is really one annoying thing you realize over time.

When I visited US during 2001 (I was there when Sept 11 happened.) I visited many big electronics/music shops to pick some gadgets, happened to interact with the store owners and during that time I was very keen to get a CDMan, but finally did not buy one. My friend who took me around for these shops got frustrated and asked what was the real purpose to look around many shops and not actually buy a music player/CDMan, I told him that these music players are big and I would like to have something small in size and also capability to store enough songs, the store owners and my friend thought I was asking weird things, but then came iPod.

But what I would have never thought is software companies like Apple or Microsft getting into developing products like iPod or Zune. We always expected some traditional consumer electronic or particularly music player manufacturing companies to get into products like this, but Apple had one attempt which was really innovative took the market by storm.

I am not sure how Zune would be, I am sure that the picture on the left might be some prototype and the final product would be radically different, read somewhere that it would have FM aswell, well that would be really interesting. I think I will buy Zune for sure.

Are they promising to release in India during world-wide release ?
any idea abt the specifications of this d'vice?????
.., I believe the worldwide release is expected during christmas and its hitting the Indian markets the same time positively.

Fox, nothing that I am aware about. Whatever its available currently, about specification or cost etc is pure speculation from the gadget gurus.
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