Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Vista Kernel Control

Seems Microsoft will never learn from its past mistakes. Well this time the MS partners are unhappy with Vista kernel locked, this feature called as PatchGuard. This means MS will be in full control over its kernel and write all the required applications to protect its OS from Viruses and any other hacks. The anti-virus companies like Symantec or McAfee then wont be able to provide any application/solution to Vista users for any possible new viruse attacks.

I really doubt whether it would be a good decision for MS to do this, but given the fact they have best of the best R&D probably they can do this and even achieve their purpose successfully, but Symantec and McAfee may not agree as it might hurt their business.

Lets see how long MS can do such things while the whole world is turning slowly towards Open-Source.

Check this for more details.

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